Hang Time is available for download here!

Download the Press Kit here!

Beta Testers

I am now seeking beta testers. Join the beta via the link above, or send me an email and I’ll add you to the beta manually. You will then recieve an email asking you to join. To participate, you need the following:

I greatly appreciate all testers who provide feedback and ideas on how to improve Hang Time. I want to create the best experience possible, and the best way for me to do that is by allowing you, the users, to shape the app to your needs.


Welcome to Hang Time

Hang Time allows you to simply and easily organise to catch-up with friends face-to-face, while maintaining the privacy of a SMS conversation. It’s simple menu layout and intuitive UI allows you to easily manage your friend groups, take photos, and organise your next get together.

Easy to Use

Hang Time was designed to be simple, drawing on the basic design concepts of other popular apps to ensure all users can quickly learn the ropes. Despite the simple design, Hang Time still has plenty of the features common in other social media apps.

Next Level Privacy

Unlike nearly every other social app, Hang Time doesn’t require you to make an account. All your data is kept on your phone, unless you decide to share photos and other details manually yourself. Hang Time works with what you have, using SMS messaging as its main form of communication.

Hang Time Plus

Hang Time Plus is a $2.99 (AUD) in-app-purchase that unlocks new features within the app. These are:

New features will be added to Hang Time Plus in the future.

Planned features:


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